CargoNet about to launch a new international connection

Starting from 3 September CargoNet will operate a new intermodal train between Oslo and Trelleborg. The train will serve as a link between Norway and the rest of Europe.

The new train is a response to the increase in transportation volumes across the Swedish border. Thanks to close cooperation with Kombiverkehr and Hupac in Germany and Switzerland, the customers may now ship their units directly between Norway and most of the European network.

Initially the train will run 3 times a week between Oslo and Trelleborg, but will soon be extended to cover Malmö as well.

“We consider this connection as a milestone in our efforts to transfer volumes from truck to train. It’s essential to prevent trucks from carrying goods from abroad” says CEO Arne Fosen in CargoNet.


For further information, contact:

Carl Fredrik Karlsen, tel +47 980 01 305

Knut Brunstad, tel +47 916 54 820