Rates for fuel surcharge truck distribution and BAF/ RID surcharge per unit.

Fuel surcharge:

In addiotion to our distribution rates a fuel surcharge is charged due to fluctuating fuel rates. The surcharge is adjusted based on Euro-Shell diesel rates.

Diesel surcharge by truck

Valid from: Norway
01.09.2016 6,9%
01.03.2016 4,4%
15.01.2015 7,0%


BAF-surcharge on the ferry between Sweden and Germany (valid from 1.11.2014)

Loading units up to 7,82 m 48 Euro
9,15 m 59 Euro
13,75 m/trailer 83 Euro


ADR-surcharge domestic traffic

Per unit 200 NOK


RID-surcharge international traffic (applies to dangerous goods)

Per unit 110 Euro


Track fee in Sweden:

The track fee applies per TEU per direction and applies to CargoNet trains on some Swedish railway sections.

Valid from Oslo-Narvik (ARE) Oslo-Kiruna (ARE)
01.01.2016 207,97 NOK/TEU 185,59 NOK/TEU
01.01.2015 131.,96 NOK/TEU 115,15 NOK/TEU