We handle all types of customs services at competitive rates. CargoNet is connected to NCTS and TVINN.

We draw your attention to the fact that it is you as the customer/carrier who is responsible for issuing and obtaining customs clearance for units to be transported by rail. This also applies to the opening and closure of electronic transit (T1/T2) and export documents (EAD).

Import to Norway

All dispatches must be accompanied by transit documents (T1/T2).

CargoNet is obliged to provide daily records with all MRN numbers to the transit control authorities in Norway before crossing the border.

  • T1/T2 with MRN-number must be sent us at the latest 14:00 day of departure
  • For empty units no T1/T2 document is required (OBS! Exception when units are sold to Norway), but you need to register "empty" in the customs-ID section
  • Type of goods that are loaded also needs to be registered in the commodity section


Export from Norway

For shipments from Norway, you can replace T1/T2 with import declarations into the Union. All customs-ID's are reported for release to the Swedish Customs Authorities in Strömstad by CargoNet AS.

  • The number(s) on the T1 documents (MRN) and/or customs-ID's must be sent to us at latest 14:00 day of departure
  • For exports from Norway it is also required to give the Norwegian export (TVINN number)
  • Type of goods that are loaded also needs to be registered in the commodity section

CargoNet is responsible both to the Swedish and Norwegian Customs Authoritites, that all goods to Norway is accompanyied by a T1/T2 and from Norway a T1 and/or Swedish Customs-ID. Units will not be loaded onto the train before this is available.

Customs office of transit for shipments by rail

To Norway: Please use Oslo both as office of transit and office of destination - Oslo NO01011A

From Norway: Train passing Kornsjø border - Svinesund SE603340 / Train passing Charlottenberg border - Eda SE603360


Office of destination for closing T1/T2 documents on shipments with railway to Alnabru: Oslo NO01011A

Updated pricelist and/or updated terms and conditions for cross-border rail freight can be obtained by contacting us.